Individual and Family prices

Each tintype portrait session begins with a consultation before the plates are prepared. Creating a tintype portrait using this historic wet-plate collodion process means that each individual plate must be prepared by hand in the darkroom immediately before the photograph is taken, and developed immediately afterwards.

Two single portraits (45 minutes): $140*
(2 plates of the same individual subject)

Couples Package (90 minutes): $325 **
(2 individual portraits, two double portraits of both people in one plate)

Family Package (90 minutes) $400, and up, depending on combination of plates  **
The family package can incorporate a variety of combinations, depending on the number of people and the combination of portraits desired. (Example combinations are 4-5 individual portraits, or, 3 individuals and 1-2 double portraits, or, 1-3 plates of 4 individuals together, etc. Please email for more information). 

Personalized session (2 hours) $500 (and up)*

(for an extended personalized session or special subject matter; an average session can include shooting and selecting from 5-8 plates, depending on the subject matter) please inquire for more information.

* Please note: Amounts above indicate prices for non-commercial/personal use and sharing of the photos. For promotional, commercial, or publishing use of the images, licensing fees may apply.

** Double portraits refer to two people in one shot. Please inquire about portraits of larger groups in one shot.

Email to book a session or for further information.