From Sam, freelance photo director/producer:


As a photo editor, I've been on a lot of professional shoots. This went perfectly. I had specific ideas for the art direction of this shoot; my 7 month old was not able to sit up, and I was worried we would have a hard time getting the shot. So I brought the family pram to seat her, thinking that was the best solution.

Kari was very patient. I was booked for an hour, which is a good idea for a baby, considering how the process of shooting tintypes requires some precision. After we got 2 good shots of her in the pram, Kari suggested shooting her out of the pram. It was a pleasant surprise, and ended up being the select! I love when you are having enough fun to just let some things happen - that is when you know the creative process is working. I could not be happier.

From Cynthia:

I was really excited to discover that there were artists producing these images and wanted to have a portrait of my daughter and myself. My decision to do the portrait was also prompted by the fact that I had just turned 48. It may seem counter-intuitive for a middle-aged woman to want to get involved with a high contrast photographic process that can accentuate wrinkles and freckles, but I had never seen an ugly tintype and felt confident that it would be a positive experience.

Kari was really amazing to work with. She has a very interested and attentive presence. She put us at ease and we felt very involved in the whole process. We love our tintype portraits. They are timeless works of art and when I look at them I see a beautiful moment in our lives captured. Glimpses of different relatives and ancestors peek through our expressions, our eyes and our bones.


From Jayme:

My husband and I booked a couple's tintype session with Kari for an anniversary treat and we couldn't be more pleased with the experience. She was so patient and kind and she made us feel completely at ease. She was also extremely generous with her knowledge, taking us through the process.

The resulting tintypes have already become treasured possessions, and every time I look at them (which is several times a day), I notice something new. We have already vowed to get another set done next year because we had so much fun. The tintype portraits are utterly unique, haunting, and beautiful and I know they will be something we treasure forever. I highly, highly recommend this magical experience; it's worth every penny and many more.